Power and the Omnibus Bill…

Omnibus on it’s face… sucks! It means spending on special interest groups that maintains friendships between lobbyists & congress/senate.
More swamp, period!!

Trump’s worst move to date was signing this atrocity of a spending bill!!!!!!!!!

Republicans hold the Executive, Senatorial & Congressional branches of American government. Why do they need to make concessions to the people trying to subvert our Constitution and Bill of Rights?!?!?!

I feel it’s because of the ” DC comfort factor”.
The Georgetown/DC group continually hold events. Everyone in DC what’s to be invited to these events because that’s where all the elbow rubbing goes on. If you don’t pay homage to this age old society, you get nothing done.

Power from days gone past still exists in Washington D.C.
Getty has power
Rockafeller has power
Morgan has power
Carnegie has power
Rothschild has power

The list goes on & on.
Even Carlos Slim in Mexico & the Walton Family in the US wield power, although small.

The common denominator? Wealth

If you want to determine how the world works…. Get wealthy…

Protests are great for the news fodor, they feed us this to detract from the real story.

Get real people, how to break the code????

Finally! Some of the Truth Coming Out!!

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Do you agree with Rep. Steve King​?

Do you agree with Rep. Steve King?

Posted by The Political Insider on Monday, November 6, 2017

Not Being A Conspiracy Theorist, Just Pragmatic

America owe more funds to China than any other single country… With an actual unfunded nation debt reaching $30 Trillion, would anyone think this couldn’t happen?

Former NPR CEO Spends Year in Red America. Here’s What He Discovered

Maybe some headway opposing the leftist media!

Former NPR CEO Spends Year in Red America. Here’s What He Discovered

10th Annual Seven Coves Bass Club Fall Bass Classic

The Seven Coves Bass Club’s 2017 Fall Bass Classic Tournament is coming 10/7/17!!

This is the 10th Annual Fall Bass Classic and as always, the organization benefiting is a great cause! http://angelreach.org/ Angel Reach helps young people achieve their life goals!

Visit the Seven Coves Bass Club website for the entry form and more information!!

Lone Star Paradise

Will Texas Survive?

Texas was born of tenacity & hope, that’s what will help Texas continue! Of course Texas will survive! Stupid question, next?

Copperhead don't mean nothing

That road name is everywhere in the south. Copper & yeast ain’t nothin new.

My dogs git copperhead bit from time to time but that never changes my mind.

Copperhead is a state of mind, we’ll be around… Seek truth!!

I tell the truth when I need to…

I ain’t draggin the whole world to hell, lighten up!!

Bury my bones in Texas if you get to me before my will, people! Otherwise burn my bones & send me to the water… Please!!

The sound of silence

The sound of silence is often ignored.

Listen oh public! Silence isn’t quiet.. It speaks the volumes of the masses 😉

We are tired of being ignored, the silence will be silent no longer…

Beware ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC and all your ratings seeking ilk. The TRUTH is coming…

Just how the slow & easy works here