Piscifun Thunder Baitcaster Review Videos 1, 2 & 3

Hi Folks-

I was approached by a Piscifun rep a little while back to review their reels. Not long after agreeing, I received one of their Thunder models, the TD300R, a right handed casting reel. It’s a¬†low profile baitcaster with the following specifications (as printed on the box).

  • High strength aluminum alloy frame provides increased durability
  • 8 precision ball bearings (including 2pcs Japanese NMB BB) with infinite anti reverse system provide super smooth
  • Aircraft grade graphite sideplates provide increased scratch resistance
  • Patent linear magnetic brake system
  • Quick change design allows spool changes at a moments notice
  • Super strong copper alloy drive gear shaft
  • V shape double color anodized spool
  • Super free casting system
  • EVA knobs ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip in all conditions

There are right and left handed version in the Thunder model. Both feature the following (as printed on the box).

Model Bearings Gear Ratio Weight(oz) Line Capacity(m-mm)
TD300R 8B+RB 7.1:1 8.4 220-0 30 180-0 33 120-0 40
TD300L 8B+RB 7.1:1 8.4 220-0 30 180-0 33 120-0 40

I’ve created a few video reviews, the 1st 3 are below. When I’ve completed the series I’ll compile all the videos into one polished video.
Thanks for watching & keep Piscifun in mind when you are looking for reels, so far I like them!

McCain Hi-Performance Rods are the Real Deal!!

Folks, if you want American Made Fishing Rods at a GREAT PRICE, Read on…

McCain Hi-Performance Rods has offered me a field staff position. What that means to me is I need to make the public aware of McCain Rods and do what I can to drive sales. Pretty simple. They have a five year warranty and will work with you on all problems. Who does that?

Check out these awesome American made rods at http://www.mccainfishing.com/

If you want a live demonstration, let me know.

If you want to order at a discount, contact me, I’ll show you how!! Use

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A Rod Company in My Sights!

I’m currently impressed by the McCain Fishing Rod Company of Texas.

I 1st experienced McCain rods at the Bassmaster Classic in Houston 2017. I came across their booth like most other booths, but the buddy I was with had some interest in the McCain booth. I took a McClain rod in my hand, drug the tip across the carpet & said “Sweet rod, but I can’t afford it”. When I was told the price, I thought I was being punked.

I wasn’t being punked, awesome rods at awesome prices!!

Go to McCain Fishing for more information on the most awesome

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U.S. Mexican Border Enlightenment

I found this to be enlightening and I can’t find it in the mainstream media (go figure). So far I only find it on Breitbart; which the leftist, drive-by, mainstream fabricators have labeled as worthless “alt right” babel. Link to this page if you agree & let me know. Thanks


Life is like a box of...

Chocolates? Seldom….

If you are fortunate enough to have the Forest Gump touch, maybe the “box of chocolates” works, but most of us don’t stumble into wealth.

I’d like to hear from stumblers. Those who have fallen on good times by accident. Do y’all exist?

Let me know your circumstances…

An Ode to Elliott Randall, Mastermind Behind the Reelin in the Years (Steely Dan) sound

Elliott Randall was a session guitarist & jingle writer in the 70’s. Faegan & Becker of Steely Dan hired him for the work on a few songs in the early 70’s, this was some of the magic… The rest is musical history. Here is Steely Dan’s Reelin in the Years

Find out more about Elliott Randall

Kingfisher Bass Boat Work... Finally!

I bought this rig back in 2012 for the Mercury 150 XR4. Life & procrastination got in the way over the years, so it sat on the fence line under an oak. I’m motivated now, so I spent a couple hours last Friday moving vehicles & boats to dig this out. I found a large amount of red wasps under the cowl and a few dirt dobber nests. Getting rid of the wasps was time consuming, they were hanging out everywhere they could be. All around the flywheel, behind the starter, behind the linkage, you name it. Must have been

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Scooter… Reborn

I haven’t gone by Scooter for a long time. The time has come! I was nick-named Scooter at 4 days old and it’s a name I grew up with.

I left that moniker by the curb when I was in the corporate world, sadly. I shouldn’t have tossed aside my individuality!

Karl, with a “K” is somewhat unique. But it’s a “follow thy father” name for me, as my father was Karl.

Scooter is who I grew up as and I now (that I’m an old guy) regret turning my back on that part of my life.

I hope to

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Behind The Scenes At The Clinton Camp & DNC

America Needs Repair

I love America, but our leaders have not been leading. They have been using their positions of power to benefit themselves and the lobbyists. The following video from The Newsroom (HBO) stands true for the most part, look it up…