Behind The Scenes At The Clinton Camp & DNC

America Needs Repair

I love America, but our leaders have not been leading. They have been using their positions of power to benefit themselves and the lobbyists. The following video from The Newsroom (HBO) stands true for the most part, look it up…

Sound Words from Judge Napolitano

Things to think about! If anyone in this country thinks they are immune from tyranny, you are completely wrong…

Best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen!

Gun Control, from a legal U.S. immigrant

A Little About the Muslim Brotherhood and Today

The Hegemonic Islamism of Sayyid Qutb

Sayyid Qutb’s political philosophy was, and is, all about the implementation of Political Islam. Qutb saw Islam—and rightly so—as a complete ideological system of ethics, justice, and governance, whose Sharia principles guide every facet of life. Qutb’s political ideology promoted a layered approach in instituting the Sharia universally, over time, in a “counter-hegemonic re-articulation of the traditional ideal of Islamic universalism.”

The Project of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Project is an articulation of a Qutbist approach to Islamizing the West. The document outlining its implementation is written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982;

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What Can We Afford

Can we afford to support our veterans, or refugees that my want the kill us and change American society.

When we supposedly can’t afford to support the folks that fought for us, how can we support the folks that fight against us.

The thought of importing any refugees when our vets need help is appalling .

Regardless of how I feel about people escaping a bad area & looking for a better one. The lives of American citizens take priority.

UDU... The Upside Down Universe

It seems to me that the things that were wrong are now deemed right. And the things that were right and now wrong or under scrutiny. I have to think that we have slipped into an upside down (or inverse) universe.

It’s obviously something that happened, generationally, when I wasn’t looking. Regardless, values have changed and (IMHO) haven’t gotten better…

American Media and the Mistrust Thereof…

Vote Yes on Proposition 6 on November 3rd!

The Texas Right to Hunt, Fish and Harvest Amendment…

Proposition 6 is on the November 3, 2015 ballot in Texas as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment. The measure would add the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife to the Texas Constitution and designate hunting and fishing as preferred methods of controlling and managing wildlife.

The proposed amendment would add a Section 34 to Article 1 of the Texas Constitution. The following text would be added by the proposed measure’s approval:

Sec. 34. (a) The people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, including by the use of

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