I’ve heard people lamenting they have no say in U.S. government. My 1st reaction was “what a dumb ass!!”. The more I looked into it, we have a country full of dumb asses, unfortunately. Some I’ve encountered wish for the demise of political entities, when the humans that speak of could easily be voted out of office. The pen is mightier than the sword, people!!!!

Hedging on someones death is pretty ugly. It’s sure to say that Ruth Vader, Pummeler Pelosi and others shouldn’t be in American politics, but that’s the beauty of American politics! We have the ability to change the political landscape with a vote!!
The downside, too many people are stupefied & keep voting the same people into office!! We hear cries of “term limits”, but the limits are there in 2 year & 6 year increments.WE, THE PEOPLE, can remove them, but seem to weak to.


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