World Politics and Computers

We run servers for companies/individuals to host websites on. China probes my servers daily, as do the rest of the world. China & Russia are top on my radar, but those two also take over other machines to probe & attack.

Is my little company a “Big Target”? Hell no!! So, if they will spent as much effort trying to get into our servers, think what they do to get into large systems!

From my POV (point of view), both technically & geopolitically; China didn’t want trump because he’s tough economically and Russia didn’t want Clinton because Putin just despised Hillary as the angry bitch she is. China had much more to gain with Clinton & the trade, Russia already got their short term pleasure, 20% of U.S. Uranium interests.

If you think countries besides the U.S. are stupid, pull your head out of the sand, your ass or where ever it’s been hiding. Global conflict happens every day. Bullets may not fly, but threats & negotiations are 24/7/365.

Lift yourselves out of the news cycle, look at what is really going on around you. The Mueller Report has made 10’s of $Millions for the media at large. Advertisers line up is there is an audience. Sheeple provide THAT audience.

Go learn something and come back with good intel or answers…

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