Who is Dumb Enough…

Who is dumb enough to believe the MSM, TV media???

The multibillionairemeda may find this and try to squatch it.

Let it be known, History is not what is in the books. Teachers are children of bad parents.

Teachers are are teaching American children Marxist ideals. Dispute this on a substantive level.

The past 40-50 years of public education has done nothing but fill youths heads with Anti-American, Marxist/Socialist ideals.

Conservatives screwed the pooch. They let the “New World Order” happen. Bush 1 called it. His son helped make it so. The corrupt Obama administration solidified it.

Conservatives were dumb! But not out of the political scene.

The Constitution means too much to drift away into sleep. CONSERVATIVES WILL RISE TO FIX THE FARTS OF PEOPLE THAT HATE AMERICA…

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