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I’m sorry. I’m know I’m a hard ass but try to have tolerance for the ignorant & uneducated.

But when the ignorant & uneducated rise to Congress, make $174,000/yr and talk to the american public like we are morons who can’t find our ass with 2 hands and a map??? Those privileged punks need to learn respect for America and it’s Constitution.

I would like to see a public hearing of Constitutional knowledge from members of government.

Starting with the squeakiest wheels, the self proclaimed “Squad”. After the “Squad”, comes the rest of Congress.

When Congress is done, start with the squeaky wheels in the Senate.After the Senate, of course we’d have to include the Executive Branch. Trump would have to brush up on this because he lived his life outside of politics making money & providing jobs (democratic taboo), so obviously Trump would need to be brought up to speed with all the Constitutional geniuses that fill the houses.

But let us not stop there.
The Justice Department. Sadly it is now known as the Just Us Department…

Their leaders have led them down roads that are liable for convictions to get what they wanted. As bad or worse than the Hoover days. I feel for those poor people who thought they were doing good.

America, nor the world can be summed up in a meme.
Exercise your brain & find real answers, not the ones spoon fed you by NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS or the next outlet the billionaires buy… Oh count Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & many others into this persuasion network…

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