U.S. Southern Border or Lack Thereof

The problem is real, the solution need to be real! In reality, Democrats are using these people as a political prop!! They encourage people to come, claim asylum, vote Democrat & receive $1500+/mo in federal refugee assistance.

It’s sad that Democrats are willing to use people like this!! People seeking asylum from Central American countries are required to seek asylum from the first country they enter after leaving their home country. They are told to bypass all of that crap & come straight to the U.S. !!

Stop it now, build the wall, put up electronics, position military… Whatever it takes! We’ve got measles & mumps running wild again. Potential ebola carriers coming over from West Africa & The Congo. Are there any terrorists coming over the border? We don’t know, do we?!?!?! People are coming from all over the planet to Mexico to move across our 2000 mile porous Southern border with Mexico. If you believe 100% of the people are coming here illegally are law abiding poor people that just want to be able to mow lawns or clean houses, your head is surely planted firmly in the sand…

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