Truth About Trump & the Left

Not Russia, but China… Reports are coming out that China had malware in Clinton’s private server that copied all email directly to Chinese government data centers. I found this from Epoch Times, looking for hard facts.

Seeing as Sen. Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy driving for her for 20 years, I don’t doubt foreign infiltration in the U.S. government. Also the fact that Inran Awan, Abid Awan, Jamal Awan, Hina Alvi, and Natalia Sova we paid over $5,000,000 by 30 Democrats and the DNC caucus. Many if not all (unsure) were Pakistani nationals. Maybe they would sell the data to the highest bidder?

Time to protect America? Geeeee, our current president has been screaming America First, but called an idiot, racist, blah, blah blah every name under the sun.

Why? He’s trying to break up the “Good Ol Boys Club”, the “Beltway Boys”, THE SWAMP in other words.

People that care about The United States of America (I felt I had to spell this out these days), will condemn & stop flippant changes to the Constitution of The United States of America. Why spell it all out again? Ask any free country about the meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Next to the Magna Carta, they are the greatest human rights documents ever written.

Do they provide for economic assistance for those who do not want to work? NO Do they provide for foreign citizens allowed to enter our sovereign country? NO

Legislation based on a terrible happening, like a mass shooting? Sure it’s called for by the media, but legislation has to come from the brain, as much as our hearts hurt.

Troubled people… troubled people…

I feel that it’s people, not guns, knives, bombs or other killing devices that kill other people. AFAIK no gun, knife, bomb or other targeted people killing devices jumped up by themselves & killed humans. People are the problem, troubled people…

Why? Morality! That will stop this post in its tracks….

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