Trump Political Hit Job!!

I’ve never seen attacks against a president like we have now, until Trump came into office.

Some say it’s because Trump is a “racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, islamophobe, transphobe, EVERRTHING-IST-PHOBE-THAT-EVER-EXISTED ” kind of president. Those people suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Trump wasn’t my 1st pick for president. I was sceptical as hell, because he donated to so many leftist organists over the years. But when it was Hillary ~vs~ Trump in 2016? ANYTHING BUT CLINTON pounded my head!! Clinton 90’s corruption hit me. Clinton Foundation receiving 10’s of millions of dollars, hit me. The Clinton Dead List hit me. I couldn’t vote Clinton.

In retrospect, I’m happy with my vote for Trump! He’s eased the tax burden, made it better for small businesses (like mine) and put people (that were on the public dole) into the working society with PRIDE NOW!!

In my never to be humble (NTBHO), Trump is saving America from the political death Obama, Bush2, Clinton, Bush & Reagan never saw coming! Institutionalized socialism coming out of our school systems!! Check me if you think I lie. Public schools teach socialism/communism. Get your kids into charter schools…

That’s all for now, do good to others!!

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