Thinning out the Constitution

Let’s start out with modern leftist myths…
American’s have no self worth… FALSE!
American’s won’t work construction jobs… FALSE!
American’s won’t work sanitation jobs… FALSE!
American’s won’t work fields… FALSE!
American’s won’t work mills… FALSE!
American’s won’t work factories… FALSE!

All the NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSLSD BS media has shoved down our throats is 100% BullShit!!!

America can & will work things out & make optics good. That’s the start! Optics to the American people are GOLD!

Getting less informed people to understand the Constitution is a challenge…

God bless you & bless those you are trying to educate…

Conservatism is no easy trail these days!

Remember the United States of America is behind you!

Remember the USA is behind all of us!!


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