The Unexpected…

Rename “news” centers of ABC, CBS, NBC as well as their offshoots CNN, MSNBC and joiners BBC & PBS as well as others… They all are in it for the money, not journalism…
New Name: Leftist Advocacy Groups. NOt new any longer…

They all push leftist agendas & they could not deny this in a court of law!

The question is WHY??? It has to be monetary!! Why else do people of power sell out their people?? Money and/or power. Both equal in the eyes of the power hungry!

Money & power, that is what rules the world, not idology on a stupid microbe level, not North Korea with a nuke, not Iran wit a nuke.

It’s who is gonna buy stuff from us, or them, or the other guys.

Flat out, it’s cold war all over again. U.S.A. v Russia. WE both have enough nukes to destroy all life on this planet

But when it comes to money, we let the world live. Money comes from people who spend money they have earned.

Don’t fear a nuclear winter unless one country gains total control of manufacturing on earth. China is too close…

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