The Teasing

Here is a stereotype you can take with you everywhere….This drama is is based in 16th century europe.
Ugly women end up with ugly women because men won’t choose you.

Easy enough to assume… You still have sexual needs & turn to each other. Easy enough to assume…

Do I think this is the first form of homosexuality??? You are stupid if you assume so.

Sexual experimentation has occurred and families have been scorned.

New life brings gifts, new power brings strength.

China and U.S. make good partners…

Tho the partners never fulfilled

One way or the other, China is now the enemy… (Political mistake, really bad)

Assuming Russia as the enemy was one thing, assuming China as the enemy was a failure.

China has been busy. China makes goods for most of the planet and no one has questioned it.

We reap what we sow…

I pray for the U.S.A.

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