The Stratos is back!!!!!

Picked up the Stratos today, repairs finished!

Turns out poor Wesley Norman, of Norman’s Outboard Service, had medical problems and had to let his shop helper go. That set his schedule back a bit. Having the medical problems is bad enough but having to let the employee go because he was being a flake just added to poor Wesley’s¬†dilemma.

We dropped by his shop last Monday to see if I could possible work part-time for him until he hired another mechanic but he passed on my help. I guess mixing customer and employee would be weird, but I thought I’d offer anyway. He jumped right on the repairs, replaced parts, machined gears, tested & we got the repaired boat back on Friday. He apparently bumped our boat ahead of a couple others to get it back to us sooner. On top of it all it was all done for around the estimated price.

We’re happy to have done business with Wesley and will be bringing him more work in the future¬†

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