Texas Lt. Gov. Screwed by Houston Chronicle, Vindicated

Dear Karl,

On Friday, the Houston Chronicle pulled down a news story that said Jan and I had somehow gotten an unfair break on our local property taxes. The news report wasn’t true, and I am thankful to the publisher of the newspaper for finally retracting the story and posting a correction saying it was “inaccurate.” 

In fact, the story should never have been published. My team had told the reporter weeks before the story was published that he had his facts wrong — even on such basic points as how long I had owned my house. A quick call to the county tax assessor collector’s office would have quickly provided the facts, but the reporter never made that call. Instead, he ignored the facts that were provided to him and held onto the story.  We have since learned he has been working on the story for several months.  It is clearly not coincidental that it was published the week of the first Property Tax hearing in the Texas Senate. It is obvious that the reporter was trying to damage our efforts to pass property tax reform this session.  His plan failed. We are moving forward to pass Senate Bill 2, which will limit property tax growth for homeowners and businesses. Here’s the retraction.

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