State of Affairs in the US

Conservative need to unite under a common banner!
We need to push back against the stereotypes created by the left.
We need to speak up so our voices are heard by all.
We need to support the Constitution publically out loud!

That’s what I mean by “You suck”. It means I suck as well. We all have sucked at marketing conservatism so that it is taken by the young.

We have allowed the US school system to indoctrinate our children in leftist idealisms.

We haven’t questioned why all packaging is bilingual these days.

We may now see legal abortions allowed at the time of birth.

All tip of the dirty iceberg. We have grown complacent, ignored information because it’s easy. Turned our heads because it’s easier to ignore than act.

Guess what!? The same thing happened in Germany in the 1930’s…

Think about it my friends…

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