Spare The Rod…

This whole child development gender crap is just that! CRAP!
Dr. Spock came into the public when I was a kid. My parents left the book lying around so I read it. I then was able to get what I wanted based on the stupid book they were raising me by.

I ended up OK, but there were many years I just manipulated the system & people to get MY desired outcome. Spock was an idiot! He laid forth the platform to raise sociopaths… Fortunately I could see through that & ended up semi OK. A decent IQ helped with that.

Old school is a good way to raise kids. Spare the rod, spoil the child!
How many in prison these days could have benefited from a good ass spanking when they were young?

I speak as a father, both my daughters got a butt smack. Only one, but it meant something to them.

Not being adults & parents in your child’s life is inexcusable! Let your child grow like a weed in the garden of life? YOU LOSERS! It’s up to you to guide a child on their path, not let them choose a path at 3 years old, you idiots?

All you “highly educated” parents ever here of the stages of human growth? Familiar with the oral/anal stage? All kids go through this but I guess modern parents provide no structure. YOUR TASK AS A PARENT IS TO STRUCTURE YOUR CHILD FOR SOCIETY.

I guess that might be too right wing for many and they’d like to see their children in the 60% suicide rate of “trans”, “I don’t know who or what I am” statistics. SHAME ON YOU WORTHLESS PARENTS!!

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