Republican Politicians Have Sucked For Keeping Promises For 40+ Years!

Backing Republicans is what we are all about! I will always do so! Here’s something we need to think about though!

Republicans have held the Executive, Senate & House for 2 years. What was gained? Temporary tax reduction that will be reversed when Dems have the opportunity!

I’m almost embarrassed to belong to the R party these days!!

Over my voting lifetime, republicans have done so little to create a CORE! Much the opposite! Promoting D.C. mush!!

Maybe the Republican party is broken?!?! Maybe to many voted in as (R) just enjoy the royalty od D.C.?

What has really changed?! Today we have a hell raiser at the top! ASK yourselves though…. what has really changed??!!
Some temporary stock flight?! That is all deflatable with a prick of the ballon….

True change isn’t here! True change is in the hearts & minds of people across our great nation!!

Changing future votes is a good thing for now! Changing media output is the long term goal!!

How do we change the slime-by media??!! We need minds to work on this!!

Stay unified conservatives!!!

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