Paper Straws, Stolen From Crowder

I wanna say I saw it coming… paper for plastic was all the rage! Straws, shopping bags, etc… SAVE THE TREES!!!!!! Then people learned plastic came from oil, so plastic is evil… DON’T USE PLASTIC, IT’S OIL!!!!!!!!
Good GOD!! Get a grip people! Unless you live like a caveman, you are gonna consume something from an industry you don’t agree with. Feel free to move off grid, getting away from the chaos of the cities will probably do you well!!
Keep in mind, when your solar panels wear out & you need to dispose of them you need to jump through hoops. Solar panels contain cadmium, lead, gallium and indium & other nasty stuff. Including oil based plastics that are railed against. Y’all need to get real in the change from the current platform. 12 years is an absolute joke…

Chew on that straw!

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