Natural or Money, What drives…

I just heard a radio commercial for some spray into the toilet substance that is supposed to mask the fact you just crapped… WHYYYYYYYYYYY???Isn’t defecating natural, like all the “In The Know” people are preaching? Supposedly this product is all about the natural movement, maybe?

Look, “Natural” is kinda dirty, gritty & smelly. Natural isn’t hydrogenated vegetable oils which take hundreds of hours of tractor time, processing & such to produce. The Veggies to feed the country (not to mention the vege oil) aren’t happening by folks with bandanas tied to their heads.It’s industrial, it’s money, it’s what they aren’t telling you.

They are trying to make fundamental shifts in the world economy. Why? There is money at the end of the rainbow…

What ever happened to lard. An animal naturally feeding of the natural grasses of a land. Chosen for food. All aspects of the animal used for human consumption.
The city “know nothings” again trying to dictate rules over the entire country… All for the sake of money…


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