Mueller’s hunt appears it has nothing, Millions of tax $ wasted

It’s looking like all the posturing of the political & media LEFT mayn be looking at a disappointing conclusion in the 2+ year Mueller Report.

The rules of investigation is based upon the W’s. Who, What, Where, When & Why.

Methods used by the Mueller special counsel?

Who – was nominee Donald Trump. Not because he was a suspect, but because they didn’t want him to win.

What – 2016 presidential election

Where – Never really defined. Appears to be DC, but the world became their oyster…

When – Never really defined, may go back to Trumps birth.

Why – The Left (e.g. DC Swamp) don’t want someone like Trump in their swamp! Too much money to lose! Trump exposing the swamp hurts everyone of the money makers in the swamp and they all are scrambling to plug the holes in the swamp.

Conclusion – The left has an agenda that leads to bigger government that we have which is already to large.

All large federal government leads to is socialism. This same method was used in Nazi Germany. They preached “Give up your guns for security & give up your liberties because the state will serve you better than you can serve yourselves”

Bullshit! let the federal government put a gun to my head?…

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