Make America 1st in you mind!

Free press in America is a misnomer.

80% of liberals like the press80% of conservatives hate the press.

The majority of American press has opted to take sides with the left… This is Un-Freedom of the press!!

Understand what this does to American politics & American thinking… “Fake News” is real!

Most the TV will shoot it down, but it’s real.

America has been fed BS for decades! Trump is the 1st President to call it for what it is!

Why??? He’s not a career politician!! He doesn’t care about polls, districts & all the other BS politicians are wrapped up in.

If America chooses a communist candidate in 2020, we are pretty well screwed as a country!!

It’s gonna take Trump pushing his business & security 1st agenda until 2024 to get America on the path is was on before Carter…..

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