Life As We Know It

I just went through dozens & dozens of posts, responding “Nice” to everyone of them. I did that as show of “know one noI just went through days of BS on Facebook that is supposed to make me feel “special”.
Someone clicked a thumbs up on my post! I feel so elevated!!
OMG, someone actually commented on my comment!!! I’m awesome!
I’ve been testing social media for a few years, actually a lot of years.
It’s not healthy in any aspect.
Most likely, the rise in mass shootings is SM (Social Media for the dull folks) has given rise to the shootings. If I was a nut job, I would have gone and shot up all kinds of chit. But I’m not a nut job. I just study nutjobs from the outside as a voyeur.
These shooters were showing signs before they went on their task. People around them saw the nutty behaviour. Why didn’t someone do something??
Sandy Hook, same thing. The family knew a member was unstable & kept guns accessible to the unstable family member.
Guns are the tool. Someone has to put the tool into action.
Blame the NRA! Never has an NRA member shot someone in a homicide.
Blame Congress because they didn’t take away teh guns of all law abiding citizens.
What about blaming the turd that has no respect for human life & heads out to kill as many humans as possible?????????
Take a break from the news cycle & ask yourself.Does Government actually keep bad guys at bay?You tell us.

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