Left Lane all the Time, Really??

You know you’ve seen them. No matter if it’s a freeway or a county road.

Someone, somewhere feels the “right” to drive in the left lane, regardless of their speed.

The very last time I experienced this was just a few minutes ago, coming back from the local store. A truck/box trailer from Arkansas was crusin the left lane on Hwy 19 in South East Texas doing about 60 MPH. The speed limit is 70 there and folks were passing them on the right. Me? I had to let them know the errors of their ways. I got into a safe position behind them & flashed my lights (during daylight) and honked a few times.

They did get into the right lane & let me pass, thank you.

Sadly enough, I noticed them adjusting back into the left lane after I passed them. There was still traffic passing them on the right at this time and I got kinda ticked. This is why I’m posting.

NOTICE America!! Slower Traffic Keep Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve this this same thing regarding Texans so I can’t blame it on out of staters. As a matter of fact I’ve seen it just about everywhere I’ve been. It happens in Texas. It happens in Oklahoma. It happens in Arkansas. It happens in Louisiana. It happens in New Mexico. It happens in Utah. It happens in Arizona. It happens in Nevada. It happens in California. It happens in Oregon. It happens in Washington. I guess I could go on for all the states but what I’ve noticed is that it seems to happen everywhere.

Here is my plea:
Please people, be aware of your surroundings while driving. This includes driving only in the right lane except when you need to pass someone. This is a simple rule of the road that you should have learned when you were comin up in the driving world. If not, consider yourself educated now. Remember, ignorance is no excuse!!

In closing, please respect the roads you drive on. Don’t drive like you own the road. Have consideration for others on the road. Stop & help stranded drivers. Be good Americans.

If not, me & my 8000 F250 Super Duty might mistake you for a speed bump & that’d be a terrible thang 😉

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