Lazy Leads To A Bad Life

Omar, Talib, Cortez & the rest of the failing Democrat party are using the $Billions at their avail to gain power at any cost!!
These actions are being seen worldwide!! Anti-semite is world wide. Pro Islam is world wide. Socialism promotion is world wide. The core powers of this planet are pushing this.

If the news across the planet is prompting their citizens to go the way of Omar, Talib, Cortez, Pelosi, Schumers, Booker, and the other idiots that have been voted into congress by unknowing citizens just bubbling in ballot forms so they feel like they did their part in the American process.

The people of America have gotten incredibly LAZY! They often know NOTHING of what they are voting for. Some years ago I was in that mix, then saw things going sideways in society! I found out some years ago that you get what you voted for! Still today, many will hit the ballot booth & decide a zigzag pattern is best for voting. Some all down the middle. Others all down the left or the right.

They have never bothered to educate themselves on the candidates or the issues affecting their communities.

The Bottom line is: If you don’t like Congress, you got the congress you voted for.

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