Isn’t All to Strange?

I’ll be the first to admit that my mind can wander off into places of combined circumstances and try to connect them. Generally this is something I fell into as a child to come up with something funny to tell the group & get accepted. It still works, BTW.

Today’s circumstances revolve around a sick predator, Jeffrey Epstein. Unfortunately the story isn’t funny,,, as I like them to be.

Jeffrey Epstein seems to have become a mega money manager out of nowhere (from reports available at this time).
Apparently he “magically” appeared before many high profile (money/power) people offering to handle some of their money for profit to Epstein & his clients. Normally this is “normal”. But where did Epstein come from? I haven’t dug enough but from what I hear, he was no Wall Street guru. Pretty much unheard of from what I’ve gathered so far.

With this premise in place… What would successful businessmen & powerful politicians want with an unknown like Jeffrey Epstein?

It’s getting late and I want for information before I continue. Just sayin’…. It’s strange…

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