Installation not Inauguration

The ceremony on 1/20/21 was praised by many around the world. The pomp & circumstance was all in place, the cameras were ready and the media was poised to welcome a new era of life in America! Beautiful & sweet if it wasn’t all fake, based on HUGE skepticism and affidavits!!

I contend that the 2020 and the 2021 runoff elections were corrupt. the 2020 election had a large multitude of irregularities, including Georgia. Then a runoff election, run on the same system was supposed to be accepted as gospel?? PLEASE!!!!!

ANYONE with a triple digit IQ would look at the 2020 election & say there is something fishy. Courts and officials stopped investigations cold. Why is that? If everything was on the up & up, why block investigations?? Let the news cycle die down, let Americans forget they POTENTIALLY got SCREWED in a VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION?????

I see “Lunchbox” Joe Biden (when was the last time he had a lunchbox in his hand?) and being inserted by world powers, not being duly elected! China, Russia, the Bilderbergers, Soros, whoever has the money & influence for this level of manipulation are responsible for putting a man, damned near dementia in charge of the nuclear football.

Will the Deceptocrats 25th Amendment Ol’ Joe & have Kamala be the Country Crusher? Will Kamillian Kamala have the juice to do it without bedding down with someone more powerful? We all know she went horizontal to go vertical up the political ladder. Who knows what tomorrow brings… More crap as far as I can figure.

I feel what we are entering into is an era of Obama + Carter = Biden……………………………..

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