Injustice Department

Let’s face it people. The Justice Department of the United States Government has been replaced.

It is now the Injustice Department. It is now designed to nover the collective asses of Congress, Senate & anyone who opposes Trump!

There are a select few this Injustice Department don’t cover, the “media” will point those out to you.

I’m seeing shades of Germany in the 1930s here… But wait, we don’t like history…

Guess what people, I feel we have a one party government. Democrat rule. The Republicans are kept around just to make it feel like we have a Representative Republic…

Republicans have done so little for so long, they are like tits on a boar hog.

Trump is trying to change this and I applaud him! It’s an uphill battle against billions of dollars & decades of corruption. Guess what, government is being run by big pharma & other mega money entities!

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