I’m not a slurpee sipper

Recently our esteemed President Barack “Pooky” Obama referred to those who don’t agree with the DNC’s agenda “slurpee sippers”. Well I don’t know about your but I haven’t enjoyed a slurpee for probably 15-20 years but more to the point, he’s trying to paint a picture of his opposer’s being being ignorant hillbillies. Some of his cabinet/supporters have said that “the hillbillies need to be dragged into the 19th century”. It’s becoming more & more apparent that these folks hold themselves in such high esteem that all of us America loving folks are Neanderthals…

I’m guessing that these evil folks had their fingers crossed when they said the Pledge Of Allegiance. I’m guessing they didn’t know any definition of that word. Allegiance means a duty of fidelity said to be owed by a subject or a citizen to his/her state or sovereign. Not “When I get into office I’ll try to change everything this country was founded upon”.

I will not apologize for the fact that THIS GREAT COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON GUTS, GUNS & GLORY! We won WWI & WWII for a reason… GUTS, GUNS & GLORY. Should we be more like France who would be speaking German today if it weren’t for the GUTS, GUNS & GLORY of the Americans?? I’m sorry that heroes like John Wayne & the like no longer are in the minds of our youth, it seems they think our country sucks. Maybe a summer camp in Iran would be a good reminder as to how the US ain’t so bad?

Am I an old fart from another century? NO… I’m a 48 year old rock guitarist, computer geek that digs Zeppelin to 3 Days Grace so don’t even try to tell me I’m out of touch. I’m just trying to get the word out that what pop culture is feeding you about the “New America” is just a rerun of failed politics of other countries in the past. Look up Marxism to get educated (beyond Wikipedia please).The only ones who benefit in THAT culture are the ones at the top, it’s like a pyramid scheme…
Enough for now, thanks

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