Dems Trying to Dupe a Judge too Smart for Them

More Dem dirty tricks clutching to a lie they started to remove Trump.
So sad to see these, “supposedly educated & smarter than everyone”, politicians tripping over themselves in another attempt to drag Trump from office in their soft coup d’etat.

Trump showing the world you don’t need to be a political insider to get something done is pissing off the SWAMP!!! And I love it!!

Our founding fathers didn’t see politics as a full time job. They saw much more time needing in building the country, not quarreling about the price of pork from one state to another. They saw fresh blood in power on a regular basis so the public and politicians were somewhat on the same page.

Today, most Congressmen & Senators don’t know or care what their family thinks, let alone their constituents. Take Ellisia Cummings for instance. We’ve heard that story, no need to type that. Look everywhere in our country & find hundreds of those same stories if not more.

I love the USA & Texas. Please don’t mess with either…

re: 1600daily.com https://1600daily.com/2019/08/14/judge-slaps-dems-impeachment-attempt/

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