Democrat History

History, check it if you doubt, shows that the Democrat Party was the KKK. The Democrat Party blocked Civil Rights. The Democrat Party opposed Martin Luther King Jr..

Yet today we are supposed to believe the Democrat Party is waving the flag of equality? Bullshit!

The Democrats are waving the flag of Identity Politics. Not sure what that is? Here’s the short story on Identity Politics…

Identity Politics is based on skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and any other divisive difference that can be found in society. Year ago the Democrats created hyphenated groups to label the different people that were following them. This was all by design, scientists were brought in to advise on the dynamics of social structures and how to manipulate the outcome of political ideals.

Something about the GOP. GOP means Grand Old Party. They have felt for decades that acting like Democrats was demoralizing, so they let the Democrats rail on as the GOP went to their Libraries, smoked cigars & sipped fine conhaque. Republicans, feeling they held the moral high ground, did little to quell the racist Democrats, thinking the world would instantly agree with them.

Now, the Democrats are flying the flag of freedom! Democrats are building a cage. A cage for all of America.

It’s a sociological cage rendered by German Ex-Pats, All is good, right?

History is complicated… All to young to understand. The Start was Long Ago, 30,000 years + you dummies!!

South America built empires before Pyramids were built in Egypt! Lets alter history & show the truth!!

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