Most scientists do NOT believe man is altering the climate. I happen to agree.
Here’s some info…

The Sahara was once a green, fertile land (long before humans).
Guess what, this rock we live on decides what is going to happen.

North America was mostly under a 2 mile thick sheet of ice.
The planet warmed because of proximity to the sun, axis tilt of earth and thousands of other factors.

The world was flat before Columbus.
Columbus knew the world wasn’t flat, as did most anyone educated back then.
The Nords (Vikings) had traveled to North America 500 years before Columbus. And there’s evidence coming that Polynesian cultures made trips to the Americas 10, 000 years before Columbus.

Nothing worked in America before Obama.
Nothing could be more wrong. This idea was fabricated once Obama became president.
Race relations went 40 years back in time due to Barry Obama. He is now hiding…
Has anyone asked how Barack Obama achieved a Nobel Prise, 9 months into his presidency, when he did (effectively) nothing? It was a feeble effort in the One World Order bullshit that Bush one was feeding us.
Look up the rest, it’s all there…

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