Change In The World Doesn’t Mean Change In Structure

The country is changing!

Hopefully changing to more common sense!!
They tried the hip-hop dog eating, socialist medical coverage stuff… Once it set in, it wasn’t so hip! It was Socialism!

Now they are so conflicted, because their Masia didn’t provide the Eden he promised.

ObamaCare was just Clinton-Care 2.0. Obama lacked on original thoughts. That’s why he voted “present” the majority of the time in the senate!

Get Constitutional folks! The Constitution isn’t disposable, it isn’t malleable, it isn’t something for another entity (UN) to interpret.

The U.S. Constitution is to be held to the world as the Magna Carta was held to the world!!!

Regardless the change going on in the world, the Magna Carta & the U. S. Constitution reign the truth!!!

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