Censored for Calling Out Censorship

Dateline August 8th, 2020

I was working and watching/listening to YouTube while working today, as usual. I was particularly engaged in a live feed of Nick DiPaolo, comedian/political satirist. I was enjoying the non-politically correct content when it suddenly stopped. I changed screens & refreshed, thinking it was an Internet glitch, but no.

YouTube killed the live feed. HUH??

Well Big Tech/Silicon Valley showed their power as the oversight of the First Amendment rights! Not elected by the people, not appointed by someone who was elected by the people, just companies that think they know what is correct for the world.

Well, I was pissed off so I created a short video to post on YouTube about their censorship. Guess what? MY VIDEO disappeared from a channel that has 1 subscriber, LOL.

This shows how scared the Left is of the voices of America. Not the voices of the few that want to tear Western Civilization down, but the voices of everyday Americans who love America!

Well, maybe now I’m a target on the Leftist’s social media, time will tell. I’ll always have Parler(?) and the websites I run. I’ve been on and involved in the Internet to know that there is life outside the Internet, especially Socially Media.

Enough for now. I got lit up over this crap. Gonna go do some real life stuff now, work around the house, lawn care, clean my guns, fix fences, whatever. Or maybe just enjoy a drink & try to decompress…

Thanks for reading!

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