Are Dems working for truth?

Why would Democrats want to allow illegal immigrants into America?

Solid question. This needs to be answered…

How would Democrats benefit from illegal immigrants?

Democrats hope illegals will vote Democrat. This is the primary goal of the democrat party.

  1. Democrats have established places in America where they can get a drivers license (legal ID).
  2. From that Drivers License, they can claim they have the right to vote.
  3. Though this process, almost 60,000 illegal citizens have voted or will vote in Texas. This will stop.
  4. Democrats will fight on human rights issues, political issues, plain old “I didn’t like the place I lived in” issues.

Breaking into the Soverign Country Of The United States Of America is not the best way to introdruce yourselves…

Democrats assure minority communities they will be taken care of.

People of these communitiesz, have you been taken care of??

Democrats are the big let down over the 20th & 21 centuries…

Democrats promise change. You tell me what change has happened…

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