American History, Biden Style

So sad the leftists are parading Bidin as the president! Joe barely knows where he is most days! Do dems really think they can sneak Joe past Trump as a presidential leader? I can’t stop laughing!! Biden is all but a basketcase as a political candidate today. The fact the DNC has pushed Joe Biden to this point is probably criminal. The DNC is desperate, they need power at all costs… They are becoming pathetic, year after year. election after election. The party of the KKK. The party of Jim Crow. The party that tried to block the Civil Rights Amendment. Biden was in lockstep with all of that….

America is the path to freedom in the world!! Ask any refugee!!!!
Worthless american haters hate America. They suck!!

Most have no idea of any history of this country, worthless commentary.

Schools have failed, young people know nothing, the future is up to us…

More later…..

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