America Is A Democracy… Really?

We hear this all the time. America is a democracy and we need to abide by the popular vote!!!!

The reality is, we only hear this from democrats. Democrats keep saying America is not a democracy and was never designed to be a democracy.

For those that DON’T know…. America was and is a Representative Republic. This means votes count within a district represented by a state caucus or total votes in a given area. This is the Electoral College. The Electoral College aims to keep all states equal as possible, big population or small population.

America has been as fair as it can be regarding votes. The Leftists argue no.

Rewriting American history is leaning towards crushing the constitution and rewriting the goals of this country. HOW SAD WOULD THIS BE?????

The American educational systems has worked on corrupting & destroying World History in general!!!!

Fuck the twisted NORM!!!!

Freedom is in the minds of teh free……

Break THAT you compartmentalized pieces of shit!!!!


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