Adam “Shifty” Schiff

Schiff is a lying turd!! He stated he had indisputable facts that Trump was guilty in the Russia-Gate?? The dork never showed it, it was a lie. As far as I’m concerned, Schiff is an ambulance chasing lawyer & nothing more. The citizens that voted for this fraud should vote him out or be stained with HIS lying which stains the entire community!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s obvious by now. Schiff lied about having secret information on Trump. Why did he lie? Because he assumed the Mueller report was a slam dunk. Why would Adam Schiff, an American congressmen assume that? He just hates trump and he hates that he might tear apart the money flow from K street to congress (Lobbyists). Check Adam Schiff’s financials, I’d bet there’s something hinky thereā€¦

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