2013 Toledo Bend Gathering

The weekend of October 19th was a fine time at Toledo Bend!

Some folks got there days early, especially those from West Texas. Can’t blame them, it’s like a 7 hour drive & they want to maximize their time on the lake behind the pine curtain. The

The Fall Get Together for Bass Boat Central’s Texas Bass Club was held ¬†on the Southern end of the Texas side of Toledo Bend. We were spread out a bit, based in houses and marinas from Lowes Creek to Skiers Cove near the dam but that didn’t hinder our gatherings!

I didn’t get to the lake until mid day Friday so I missed out on some of the fun, unfortunately. Got to fish a little Friday, the tournament Saturday, then all of Sunday after a late start.

The tourney, Saturday, was held in high winds under overcast skies, of course every other day was nice… go figure. Most boat stayed in their local coves, those who ventured out onto the main lake got drenched by the waves. Saturday, Toledo Bend turned into Tornado Bend (no real tornadoes though), LOL. Despite the nasty weather, fish were caught, best bag went a bit over 10 lbs with a kicker of 5+ lbs. I personally boated nothing but dinks.

Great turn out for the event seeing as it wasn’t an official rally. Good times with good folks, that’s what it’s all about!

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