1984 Took Until 2020

In the past six weeks: $500 million of damage in Minneapolis. High-end boutiques in NYC and LA like Gucci and Chanel, looted. Big box retailers like Target and Macys, looted for tens of millions in losses. Over 250 CVS pharmacies and over 350 Walgreens, looted in the last wave of riots alone. The National Guard was deployed to twenty-one states amid the panic. It’s chaos!

And who keeps defending all of this chaos? The American Democrat party and the media organizations that back them.

By the end of 6/2020, the top 20 cities for the highest crime rates we all led by Democrats, with the exception of two which are run by non-partisan(?) mayors.

It seems to be a matter of semantics now. What is the absolute truth versus the relative truth. It’s kinda like the Bill Clinton argument (impeach years) of “It depends what the meaning of ‘IS’ is”, or the “is there any ‘there’ there?”

Are we going to buy into the 1984 Orwellian “2+2=5 if we tell you it is” kind of thinking??

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