Sherrod Brown- Another Brilliant Politician

Dateline September 6, 2011

Ohio State Senator Sherrod Brown releases his brilliant plan, sue companies that won’t hire you. Not based on the usual things like gender, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation… Nope, his idea is discrimination based on long term unemployment.

Yup, if you been unemployed for a very long time, you can sue the potential employer for not hiring you. Doesn’t really matter that you haven’t been able to hold a job because you are unemployable. Doesn’t matter that you have no job skills. Doesn’t matter that you have been fired from every job you’ve ever had for being late or absent too often. Doesn’t matter that you have anger management issues & punched someone out at a couple of your jobs and can’t provide any decent work references.

Now I’m not saying there are plenty of good-harted, hard working people that need a job. The economy sucks and there’s been cutbacks & layoffs. But this doesn’t address them directly from what I hear. Would you hire a meth head that’s been unemployed for 4 years & stealing & dealing to get by? Of course not…

Now there’s a great plan for stimulating the economy.  If this legislation passes, see how many potential employers stop hiring.

Enough for now, need to go grab a beer & chill out. I got plenty worked up when I heard that one… I think he was asked if there was booze in his coffee cup with this pic

Ref: http://brown.senate.gov/newsroom/press_releases/release/?id=4228263e-e410-415d-a2f2-0c15b60188ca

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