Power and the Omnibus Bill…

Omnibus on it’s face… sucks! It means spending on special interest groups that maintains friendships between lobbyists & congress/senate.
More swamp, period!!

Trump’s worst move to date was signing this atrocity of a spending bill!!!!!!!!!

Republicans hold the Executive, Senatorial & Congressional branches of American government. Why do they need to make concessions to the people trying to subvert our Constitution and Bill of Rights?!?!?!

I feel it’s because of the ” DC comfort factor”.
The Georgetown/DC group continually hold events. Everyone in DC what’s to be invited to these events because that’s where all the elbow rubbing goes on. If you don’t pay homage to this age old society, you get nothing done.

Power from days gone past still exists in Washington D.C.
Getty has power
Rockafeller has power
Morgan has power
Carnegie has power
Rothschild has power

The list goes on & on.
Even Carlos Slim in Mexico & the Walton Family in the US wield power, although small.

The common denominator? Wealth

If you want to determine how the world works…. Get wealthy…

Protests are great for the news fodor, they feed us this to detract from the real story.

Get real people, how to break the code????

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