Men are always wrong, right??

Oh My!! This popular Stitch & Bitch session (The View) KNOWS that a man is guilty, because he is a man? Worse yet, a white man! Of course he is guilty of everything you gals have suffered. It must be Toxic Masculinity!! It might be less offensive if Kavanaugh were black, then it could be written off like Ellison in Minnesota where black men do no wrong. But he to is a man & might have Toxic Masculinity!

Oh wait, he’s a democrat, he’s OK!! Call the bitch accuser a liar. But wait!? Kavanaugh’s accuser is a democrat & has an activist democrat lawyer that claims Bill Clinton’s accusers were all liars.

I’m looking at this tiny little window of public events & from it I gather…

If I become an American Socialist Democrat I can get away with Spousal Abuse! And if I run for office, the ASD will try to cover up the fact I forced farmers off their land in El Paso so my rich buddies could develolpe the land & cut me in on the profits! How Cool!!

What else would happen in this ASD dreamland?
Unlimited campaign funds? Sure! Why not??

News outlets covering you favorably? Of course!!

Big tech backing you without question? Pfffff… yeah!!!

Oh my… what to do……

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