Lies versus Truth

If you tell the same lie over & over enough, the masses will accept it as the truth…

This was a predominant strategy within the third reich, Hitler’s plan for the world.

We all saw how that unfolded, well, at least some of us.

It doesn’t seem to be taught in school any longer, because if it was, our young wouldn’t think that the alphabet news is the end all of information.

Unfortunately the talking heads on TV at the nightly news are willing to misinform the American for a sweet payday. Brian Williams was (is) making $16M/year. Lester Holt makes $11M/year (best info I have gathered, no guessing). If I was Lester, I’d cry racial bias! He’s only making $11M doing the same job as Lyin’ Brian who was making $16M in that spot. Go figure. Everyone has a price point they will grab their ankles I suppose.

Separating lies from truth is more difficult than ever. The bombardment of information is designed to make our heads spin.

Am an arbiter of truth? Hell no! I can tell you what I think, what my gut tells me, what common sense tells me, but I’m not an arbiter. There are far more qualified who know the ins & outs of law that may serve you better.

If you want an opinion, I’m your guy. If you want a common sense test, sure. A smell test? metaphorically or politically, sure; but actual smell? I smoke too much & have eaten too much bad food because of that.

In closing on this, trust no one!! Search your own answers & triple check the answers you receive. My secondary schooling ended at the time of the federal schooling system which is failing the country. There is a cancer in America that has run unchecked for over three decades. It will take time to remedy.

Go forth and have REAL THOUGHTS that actually come FROM YOU! Not some mouthpiece in the media…

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