Will Texas Survive?

Texas was born of tenacity & hope, that’s what will help Texas continue! Of course Texas will survive! Stupid question, next?

An Ode to Elliott Randall, Mastermind Behind the Reelin in the Years (Steely Dan) sound

Elliott Randall was a session guitarist & jingle writer in the 70’s. Faegan & Becker of Steely Dan hired him for the work on a few songs in the early 70’s, this was some of the magic… The rest is musical history. Here is Steely Dan’s Reelin in the Years

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Think For Yourself

If you are looking for instructions on how to think for yourself, you’ve come to the wrong place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s Time To Ask Yourselves…

Have you given in? Do your values mean anything?

Left Lane Drivers..

I’ve been searching for the entitlement program for the left lane driver… I come up empty ๐Ÿ™

Is there something that enables drivers to tour in the left lane & ignore attempting passing vehicles? I’ve been searching the state statutes’ with an answer…

Therefore , without a rule of law to enforce, folks that live their driving life in the left lane of a highway are just oxygen thieves and hindering the rest of us.

Cops aren’t gonna work on these oxygen thieves, it’s up to us!

I’m going to mount a speaker system in my vehicles so I can

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The greatest treasure on earth is peace, and yet everyone fights for everything but

The greatest treasure on earth is peace, and yet everyone fights for everything but…

Did I create a decent phrase here?

September 11 is on Our Doorstep Once Again

September 11 is right around the corner once again. Has our Commander and Chief called for heightened security or potential evacuation of certain U.S. embassies around the world? I have not found one news story related to this.

With ISIS and all the Islam-o-Nazi’s on a tear, shouldn’t there be some kind of heightened awareness?

It’s been stated that ISIS terrorists are already in the U.S. because of our lax border control. Thank you Feds, you jerkoffs!

Pray there’s no attacks on 9/11 and pray this lame duck administration gets replaced ASAP!!