Lone Star Paradise

Will Texas Survive?

Texas was born of tenacity & hope, that’s what will help Texas continue! Of course Texas will survive! Stupid question, next?

Copperhead don't mean nothing

That road name is everywhere in the south. Copper & yeast ain’t nothin new.

My dogs git copperhead bit from time to time but that never changes my mind.

Copperhead is a state of mind, we’ll be around… Seek truth!!

I tell the truth when I need to…

I ain’t draggin the whole world to hell, lighten up!!

Bury my bones in Texas if you get to me before my will, people! Otherwise burn my bones & send me to the water… Please!!

Life is like a box of...

Chocolates? Seldom….

If you are fortunate enough to have the Forest Gump touch, maybe the “box of chocolates” works, but most of us don’t stumble into wealth.

I’d like to hear from stumblers. Those who have fallen on good times by accident. Do y’all exist?

Let me know your circumstances…

Kingfisher Bass Boat Work... Finally!

I bought this rig back in 2012 for the Mercury 150 XR4. Life & procrastination got in the way over the years, so it sat on the fence line under an oak. I’m motivated now, so I spent a couple hours last Friday moving vehicles & boats to dig this out. I found a large amount of red wasps under the cowl and a few dirt dobber nests. Getting rid of the wasps was time consuming, they were hanging out everywhere they could be. All around the flywheel, behind the starter, behind the linkage, you name it. Must have been

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Scooter… Reborn

I haven’t gone by Scooter for a long time. The time has come! I was nick-named Scooter at 4 days old and it’s a name I grew up with.

I left that moniker by the curb when I was in the corporate world, sadly. I shouldn’t have tossed aside my individuality!

Karl, with a “K” is somewhat unique. But it’s a “follow thy father” name for me, as my father was Karl.

Scooter is who I grew up as and I now (that I’m an old guy) regret turning my back on that part of my life.

I hope to

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America Needs Repair

I love America, but our leaders have not been leading. They have been using their positions of power to benefit themselves and the lobbyists. The following video from The Newsroom (HBO) stands true for the most part, look it up…

I’m A New Papaw!!

Little 6lb 5oz Lily came into the world on the 4th of July! My 1st grandchild!

Baby girl

Funeral for a Friend

I found out today that a good friend, Steve Justus died yesterday, medical complications.

Steve was a good man, raised a good son alone, a staunch conservative, pay as he went good guy. Steve was short of 60 when he passed, way too short a life for such a good guy!

He always asked me to drink myself silly in his honor if/when he died. Now that the work day is done I will do just that.

Please raise a glass, bottle or can to Steve Justus… A good father, good American and lover of life

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